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                Trump gets new impeachment lawyers before start of Senate trial
                ? WikiMedia (Sgt. Dana M Clarke)
                Trump gets new impeachment lawyers before start of Senate trial

                A spokesperson for former US president Donald Trump confirmed Saturday evening that five lawyers who intended to defend the ex-president in his upcoming Senate impeachment trial would be stepping down. On Sunday evening, Trump’s office announced that two new lawyers would be joining the team just a little over a week before the trial is set to begin.

                Trump was impeached on January 13 for “Incitement of Insurrection” after he told a crowd to march towards the US Capitol and “stop the steal.” He further instructed the audience that “you will never take back our country with weakness.” He also added, “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.”

                It has been reported that the legal team departed after Trump insisted that they argue as his impeachment defense strategy that he actually won the election. Trump received 232 electoral votes compared to President Joe Biden’s 306 electoral votes. Only 270 electoral votes are needed to win a US presidential election. Biden also received 7 million more votes in the popular vote compared to Trump.

                David Schoen and Bruce L. Castor Jr. will now represent Trump during his impeachment trial. Their legal brief is due on February 8, and it is unclear what their defense strategy will be.